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Welcome to the Ladies of Hope website.

We are a group of young women who have been rescued out of prostitution off the streets of Uganda, and who now have a testimony of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Visit with us for a while and listen to our testimonies. 

We now make purses for a living instead of walking the streets. Please take a look at some of our purses for sale. They are all individually made by us and each purse is unique.  They are special to us because they represent the hope that God has given us that if we will just cry out to God and trust Him, He can and will deliver us.

God rescued us out of a deep pit of darkness where there was no hope.  If He has done that for us, He can do that for you. 
Our prayer for you is that you will be encouraged that no matter how dark your life is right now, there is always Hope.