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Sister Allen

I am called Sister Allen.

I was working in one of the big hotels in Mbarara. There I met Rev. Samu Njuba who lied to me. He said he would marry me and because I knew he was not married yet I had to go on because I had seen it as an opportunity to love a man of God as a husband.

As we were still in relationship, he asked me to sleep with him, and according to Africa, you donít refuse an older personís choice, I had to accept. After this, I went to the birth-room to shower. When I was showering, he sent me a message that he had to go home because his son was sick. When I asked him about this, he said his ex-wife was pregnant. When I asked to plan for my pregnancy, he told me that I should abort.  I couldnít do this because I felt so much cheated and disappointed. I was worried to tell anyone else than to swallow it in my heart. Later, after two weeks, I realized that my womb was enlarging; they had to stop me from work. After another good month, I was given a break to nurse my pregnancy. On my way back home, the whole money I had remaining was stolen in a taxi. I felt bad off.

By grace a man of God was passing by and saw me on the way. He stopped the car and his wife Diana came to me and she told me to go with her to their home. After I had narrated to them the whole story, they took me and paid the whole money for my delivery. The Ladies of Hope encouraged me with my baby. The other Reverend had promised never to call his name again.

We kept together with Sister Ruth and Diana telling me that the power of the Lord came to destroy the devilís works. (1st John 3:10). I looked to what Satan did to my life and in a few days, the Lord visited me. I received Him to be my Savior and I now feel happy and joyful! I went back to my job, and I now praise the Lord. I tell my co-workers also about the goodness of the Lord, attend church services daily. Even at work they permit me whenever I tell them am going for prayers.

I love my baby boy. I no longer feel rejected. Thank God for His people.

Sister Allen.