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Sister Atuhire

My name is Atuhire Topista.

I am 30 years old, and I spent six years in prostitution because my father killed my mum because of family problems.  I was one child and my father got married with another wife.  His wife hated me very much. Then my father was a drunken man, so I continued living in a hard situation with my stepmother hating me. 

I was sleeping outside so I ended up hating myself, which forced me to go in prostitution because I had a friend she was a prostitute, and I shared my situation with her.  She told me that men are rich and they have money.  When you go through having sex with them for sure I will get money to survive.  When I reached there I started my job of having sex with many men,

Then I got aids.  After getting aids then I lost hope.  Seriously, I knew this was the end of my life!!!  Even didnít know that there is Jesus Christ and I didnít know that there is hope.  When I was there in the year of 2012 June, thatís when I met Diana.  I shared my bad situation with her she told me good words of hope, which I never heard in my life.  I knew that I am going to die of aids and my kids were eating food from the trash on the streets, but I thank God very very much and First Baptist Church because of sewing machines. 

I sewing many clothes, bags and sell them to get money to take care of my kids.  They no longer on the street.  I have them now, and I know that there is hope. Thank you so much for encouraging us and praying for us, because I donít even remember that am HIV/aids.  I have hope that God will heal me.  The Lord who sent us Diana to bring hope and First Baptist Church which brought us sewing machines to have hope and future. 

Thank you.

Atuhire Topista