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Sister Charity


I am called Charity.

I was born in a Catholic family. We were born three kids. My father was working away from us when I was born. My father rejected me that I was not his. My mother kept looking after me. When I was twelve, she died. I began to suffer rejection in my family.

My father could not take me to school, and at the end he raped me. I decided to run away into the world. I suffered. I was abused and mistreated. I wished myself to die because of all the hell I went through.

I have been suffering from rejection and disappointment for many years. But when I came to Christ, I felt at peace. I feel like everything is new, My life has been restored. I feel joy and restoration.

Praise the Lord for the gift of salvation. Thanks to Sister Ruth and Diana for their self dedication and for my life transformation. Praise the Lord.