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Sister Deborah

My name is Deborah and am 18 years old.

I studied in the village schools where I obtained first grade of primary level and second grade of ordinary level.  I wanted to become a lawyer in future, but one day Satan visited my life when I was at school.  I used to go to school before with only books and pens, but when time came, I grew up and as a girl I needed at least enough things to sustain me at school, which my parents could not afford because of poverty.

I spent one week without eating when others would get food at school.  I felt bad so I would eat alone. I was tired of being chased away by others, so I decided to join a group of rich boys who promised to make me happy. I started staying with one of them to at least change life style and be happy.

One evening as we were coming back to where we used to stay, that boy asked me whether I had a boyfriend, but I didn't because I was still young, so he told me to become his lover, and I accepted because I had seen girls at school having boyfriends who could make them happy.  We fell in love and that boy broke my virginity and got me pregnant.

When the school realized I was pregnant, they told me there was no other option but to call my parents.  When they called them, my mother collapsed, and  I found out my father was planning to kill me.  That is when I escaped from school and went out into the world of prostitution. 

When I reached the girls who were prostitutes, they told me they were frustrated with selling off their bodies, but they advised me to abort my baby because things wouldn't work out with my pregnancy.  I took their advice.  The girls felt sorry for me because I had never been in this town.  One of the girls, Lucy, took me to stay with her until I got money from men, which enabled me to abort the pregnancy and survive.  

I lived in a life of sorrows, crying and regretting what I had done to my baby.  I felt like hanging myself so that I could say sorry to my baby, but I was also scared of Hell, though I started Hell when I was in the world.  I had to try to go to my Auntie whom I had heard that she was a woman of prayer. 

I went there and Auntie Ruth started praying for me and brought me to her church.  When the pastor had arrived from a conference, we all prayed at the church.  I felt the devil telling me that I had killed my child, but that night when I fell asleep, an angel came to me and said, "your sins are forgiven".  From there I thanked God and slept and felt peace like never before.

I still live with Auntie Ruth, but i have joy because of tmy life.  I know I am safe because my Auntie and sister Diana always advise me to dwell in God.

I am praying so hard so that I can get another chance to get my career.  I want to be a lawyer and I am trusting God that I will go back to school.

I thank Him for saving my life.  I thank Pastor Noah for praying for me.  I thank Aunt Ruth and Sister Diana for their advice.

May God bless the FBC family for your charity.