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Sister Faithirah

I am called Faithirah Nakanwagi.  I was born from a Muslim family and got married to a Muslim family. I gave birth to four kids:  Kathim, Fachila, Mubamudu, and Baduru.

Later my husband abandoned us. I was not educated so I struggled on my own.  Later he married another one and he could not at all help us.

From that time I entered in a life of misery, doing a lot of evil things.  I could not find my way.  This brought more stress and more fear in all this situation.  I lost my first born do to hunger.  A second boy disappeared on the streets.  The third boy followed him up and died there.  All this brought frief and sorrow in my heart.  I still remember my children and cry;  I hated my husband.

But when I came to Christ this has changed my heart.  I feel loved.  I know there is hope for my life and for my kids for the future.  Jesus has healed me from disappointment and grief.  And He has forgiven me all my sins.  I feel loved, forgiven and rested in the Lord.

Praise the Lord for the gift of salvation.  Praise the Lord for accepting me again.  Jesus is the Son of God.  He came to reconcile us back to God.