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Sister Farida

I am called Farida Nakimera. 

I have one kid.  I was married to a husband who had another wife unknowing.  When I reached there, I realized that life was not going to be well because the first wife tried to kill me for many times all in vain.  She bewitched me that I could not give birth, but God was faithful.  I gave birth.  She went ahead and bewitched me that I could not conceive for seven years with a second born.  It was disappointing to my husband, and I was also disappointed because he lied to me.

I also chose to go to witchcraft to bewitch her.  I bewitched her first son and he died.  From the war that broke out between me and my husband, he sent me away.

I began to suffer and fear on how I am going to live.  I was suffering from condemnation and guilt that introduced me to using drugs so that I can get peace and joy, but all in vain. 

But when I met Diana and Ruth, they introduced me to Jesus Who has taken away my fuilt and shame.  I felt light again, and joy that I never had before.  I am so excited that I am a new creature in Christ Jesus!  I have hope in the Lord.