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Sister Irene

Dear FBC Family,
Thanks for the great work you have done in our lives.  Thanks for the sewing machines which helps us to make clothes in all styles and handbags. 

Before I came to Christ I was a drug dealer and a sex worker who used to get girls and sell them to men to earn money from them.  That business brought me to many evil things which developed lots of fear and worry in my heart.  One day a girl called Apophia who was the head of them met Ladies of Hope who preached to her and she got saved.  She came and looked straight into my eyes and told me that if I donít repent, I will go to hell.  Fear gripped my heart, I was so terrified.  It kept into my mind the whole night and failed to sleep.  I dreamed two angles made like army men telling me that my days are overÖgo to hell.  I cried out loudly saying Lord forgive me frequently.  I saw pastor Noah coming and pulled me from hell.  In the morning very early, I rushed to the church and I gave my life to God.  I felt like I have stepped in heaven because I got much peace though am still bothered by thoughts and evil past of my life.  Please pray that I may fully receive a true forgiveness.
I am so thankful of Diana and sister Cindy plus FBC.  May the Lord bless u.
Sister Irene Musoke