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Sister Jeniphar

My Father and Mother died when I was 2 years old.  I was raised by my Uncle who could send me on the streets to beg for some money to whoever passes by.

One time when I was twelve years old, some man called Amos took me promising to educate me.  When we reached there, he could not.  He mistreated me.  One time he hosted a friend and force me to sleep with this man.  I found out I was pregnant and also HIV positive.

I was disappointed and I hated this man and my Uncle.  Whenever I see him, I remember all he has done to me.  I felt like as if he is the one who killed my parents.  Because of all this, I chose to join the group of ladies who are on the streets.

One of my friends who was a prostitute began to tell me of her new life in Christ and the hope she has in the Lord.  I asked her  also to take me to these Ladies of Hope.  I now feel restored.  The Spirit of the Lord has taken away my disappointment. 

I have joy now! 

Sister Jeniphar.