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Sister Jane

I am called Jane Kabatesi.  I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I was born in a Christian family, but my husband was not born again.

He died of an accident, and he left three kids and by that time we were renting.  So he left me in a rental house.  Then after his death, Satan made me lose my hope.  So I lost hope with my three kids. I was thinking to go and be prostitute so that I could get money to take my kids to school and be serviced in good situation.

But I thank God Almighty who sent Diana and Cindy in March, 2011.  They visited me after the death of my husband.  They told me the words of hope, and I also encouraged my three kids that there is hope.  Until now I thank also the First Baptist Church which sent us sewing machines.  I am now sewing many things like bags and many things which bring money to take care of my family.

May God bless First Baptist Church.  I know that God will bless that Church because they brought joy, hope and future in my life.