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Sister Kankunda

My name is Kankunda Phionah.  I have three children:  Dickson, Nobert, and Allen.  I am born in South Weston, Uganda in a tribe called Bakiga.

 I was born in a poor family.  My mother is just a farmer, and my father is called Sabastian who was a hunter.  I am second born of 11 kids.  My mother was the only one working so I could not finish my studies.  Because when my father had gone for hunting with his friends, he was sick for two months and died.  So we had to go work for any job available.

When I was there, a nun from our parish asked me to come and work for the monk (father/priest), and I kept there.  He was paying me 1000 Ugandan shillings a month which I would share with my mother at home.

 When I grew up, I told the father that I would like to learn a skill so that I could help myself in the future, and my brothers and sisters to go to school.  I was amazed when he promised to pay school fees for my brothers and sisters which caused me to love God the more.  One day a father asked me to go with him for a mission in Kenya where he reached.  There he asked for one room in a very good hotel, and when we reached the room, he began to tell me how he loves me and is interested in marrying me so that he could continue to take care of me and my family.  That night we slept together and broke my virginity and impregnated me. 

After a month later, I realized I was pregnant. I told him, and he began to insult me saying I was a fool and that I should not tell my nonsense to him.  The womb kept growing big and then he knew that his fellow fathers would realize it, he chased me away,

I told my mother, and according to our culture, whoever would get pregnant she should be hanged and thrown in a lake.  My mother advised me to escape because they had started plotting to kill me that I had shamed them.  In the place, I met a woman of God and she had some other pastors on a crusade. There they told us good words, and I decided to give my life to God.

I rent a house where I live from and go to a sewing business.  I thank God for using his people to rescue me. I now have hope.  I know my baby will live to serve the Lord thanks to the FBC family.