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Sister Margaret Kezabu

I am called Kezabu Margret.  I greet you in the Name of our Lord.  I am coming from a poor family, and I am now 26 years old. 

The policemen took my father to a prison because of debts.  He spent seven years there in prison.  My mom ran away from home while I was sleeping.  She left me home with three brothers.  There was no food, drink, or clothes.  Me, I had one dress in my life, and my brothers were had none.  So after my mom escaping from hope, I lost hope in the future. 

My last brother he was two years, and he died of hunger.  The two brothers that remained, I took them to one of the neighbors who was rich.  I worked with them on any job.  We carried heavy Jericans; we cooked together; and many other jobs in order to get the salary which can help us to survive.  In Uganda even when we were punished and caned because we were not working very well.  Because we were still young to carry the heavy things, I ended up having a chest problem in my ribs.

 Because our parents did not know Jesus Christ as a Savior, so we continue growing up knowing that in this world there is suffering.  There is no future and no hope because one brother, he also escaped from where we were because of the heavy jobs and abused.  Until now I donít know where he is.  Our father I donít know where he is now.  Even our mom I donít know.

But I thank God who used Diana to tell me words of hope and change my life and to know Jesus Christ as my Savior.  Even First Baptist Church in Maypearl, Texas, which encouraged us with sewing machines.  We make many other hand crafts which have been helping us to have hope in our future in my life.

God bless First Baptist Church very much with Pastor Tony and his wife.  I am praying for you!!!  And I know that there is now suffering in this world, but with God there is hope!  Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks, Kezabu Margret