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Sister Mutony

I am called Mutony and was born in Rwanda. 

I came to Uganda after the genocide.  My family was all killed.  I never desired to live because life meant nothing to me. 

I came to Mbara and I joined the group of drug dealers and highway robbers.  I never liked anyone in the world.  I did not know God, but in my heart I knew that there was heaven and hell.  My desire was that I would go to heaven and that I would meet all my family members who died in the genocide. 

But nobody had shared with me the love of Christ because of how I was living.  But one day, it was Wednesday; Sister Fadhirah introduced to me the Ladies of Hope fellowship who shared with me the love of God.  Because of a lot of sins and crimes I had committed, I couldn’t believe that I could ever get saved. 

But Sister Ruth shared with me a scripture in the book: John 3:16 and this gave me rest.  I gave Him all my sins, my guilt, and condemnation.  And He gave me joy, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Spirit.  I am now in His kingdom, walking in new life.  I am so happy that Jesus Christ is my Lord!