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Sister Shamilah

I am called Shamilah. 

My aunt was a witch doctor.  I stayed with her for 11 years, but when I decided that I was going back home, she refused to let me saying the spirits do not want me to and get married.  This thing upset me too much so that I tried community, decide all in vain. 

I make myself available for any man that would have a baby, at least until I got man who was HIV positive.  So when I realized that I got it, I had to move to streets to sell myself to get money to sustain me in a rental house.  I had lived with my two kids whom one is HIV positive and one is negative. 

I served Satan for many years. I was fed up.  I looked for anyone who could come and speak to me about Jesus, but I could not see any of them.  One day when I was feeling a lot of pain and fever, I totally know I would die in my house, but there came a woman of who was a former prostitute.  The woman saw that I was bad off and decided to take me to her friends.  Good chance there was a conference at her friendís church and had invited Women of Hope sisters Diana and Ruth who told me good words that restored my life and I decided to give my life to God.  The ladies encouraged me and prayed for me assuring me well that I would be forgiven lf my sins. 

I had faith and believed in what they told me.  I recovered and by the grace of God, He will also heal me and my one child who is HIV positive.  I at least have hope and joy because my kids are in school.  I thank also the FBC family who sent us support. 

May the Lord reward.