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Sister Sophrah

My name is Sophrah.

I ran away from home after being raped by my father several times.  From them I hated men and felt disappointed, rejected, and insecure because of all that. I wanted to commit suicide.  I got a friend who took me to town to work.  From there I was introduced to evil things.

One time a friend of mine took me to a place where they pray for the sick, and they shared with me the love of God.  They told me how God can save our lives.  I felt that was what I needed and gave my life to Christ.  Now I feel peace, enjoying the new life in Christ.  I am healed from self rejection and have been given grade and forgiving my parents.  I feel Hope!

I know when I die I will go to God Who loves me so much that He gave His life for me that I would be saved.  And I am excited that God has taken a bad life and gave us a good one.

Thank you for allowing us to make for you purses and bags.  The money you sent has given us a great help and created a big difference.  Praise the Lord because of Sister Diana and FBC Church.

Amen!  Sister Sophrah